An MG Experience

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Jacobs, Dick An MG Experience © 1976, Transport Bookman Publications, Syon Park, Brentford, London, TW8 8JF

ISBN 0 85184 013 2

This book is the personal memoir of the manager of the MG factory race team. He raced MGs of many different types and was the co creator of several racing specials including the MG YB based XN 01 coupe, and the famous MG Midget GT race cars (known as the Jacob's Midgets). Reading this book you get the impression that you and DIck Jacobs are at the local pub and he's just telling you all his MG stories over a pint of beer. The name dropping is impressive. He personally knew all the big names at abbigdon and gives vivid descriptions of their personalities. Unfortunately Jacobs writes like he races, FAST. he rushes through everything and tends to stick to brief facts and figures without wasting any time trying to put the reader in the drivers seat. Even so, this book is worth having on your shelf and used as a reference book. It has lots of rare and unusual pictures of MG racecars many other volumes gloss over. This book has been out of print for some time, but at the time of writing is very much undervalued (12-34 bucks).

©Seth Jones 8/19/2012