Innocenti Coupe & Spyder Historical Archive

Other sites and books have done a pretty good job of explaining the history of the model.  This page is more an archive of sales brochures, ads, road tests etc.  For historical technical documents, see the tech index.

Innocenti 950 and 1100 Spyders and 1100 C Coupes were manufactured by Innocenti (eventually a subsidiary of BMC) on a Sprite chassis with Sprite running gear.    They had a unique body, dash and other components. Anders Clausager’s book on Sprites and Midgets claims that an estimated 7,345 cars were produced over the course of 5 years (1960-1964).  According to one informant via email, only 400 Coupes were made at the very end of the run.  Compare these figures to the total number of Spridgets,  (354,164 examples including innocentis) and you get an idea of the rarity of these cars.  Most mechanical parts are easy to find, however many other parts are NLS.

Information on these cars can be hard to come by.  If you have something please share it with me.  In the meantime enjoy the factory photos, links, and brochures below.

Innocenti 950 spyders in the Movies and on TV

Innocenti C Coupes in the movies and on TV

Road & Track Innocenti S Road Test, May 1964

Innocenti S Manual (in Italian) 9.9mb