MG by McComb 2nd Edition

Book Info:

McComb, F Wilson MG by McComb, ©1978 Osprey Publishing Limited, 12-14 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LP

ISBN 0-85045-310-0

This is the 2nd edition of an already fantastic book, The Story of the MG Sports Car which was published in 1971. This edition tells the story of MG from its origin in the 1920's through 1978 Its organized into 9 chapters In this second edition, he states that he made a few errors in this edition, and that he considered it unsporting to say how he really felt about the British Motor Holdings/Leyland merger. Further more he ends this book with some dark and bleak predictions about Abingdon's future giving a wonderful insight into how MG enthusiasts felt about British leyland in the late 1970's. This edition retains the forward found in the previous edition and includes a preface explaining the changes made in this edition. This edition is my favorite because it think the ending is most appropriate.

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