Motor Imported Car Repair Manual: 3rd Edition

Book Info:

Motor Imported Car Repair Manual: 3rd Edition, ©1978 The Hearst Corporation

ISBN 0-910992-93-2

This is a general guide to how to repair hundreds of cars. How it ended up in the local library is beyond me. It really isn't for the home mechanic. it is for pros who know their stuff and are willing to trade accuracy for shelf space and low cost. It does a reasonable job of briefly explaining how to repair and maintain all the major systems of 1500cc Midgets however while it claims to cover all Midgets from 1972 to 1978, it makes no distinction between 1275cc and 1500cc models. To that end it even gives incorrect specs and part numbers for 1972-1974 models. Owners of A-Series engined spridgets should stay away from this manual.

©Seth Jones 8/4/2011