Spridget Books


The Complete Official 1275cc Sprite/Midget 1967-1974

Austin Motor Co. Ltd. AKD 3899B Sprite Mk III Driver's Handbook

Astley Rick, Classic British Car Electrical Systems: The Essential Manual

Baggot, John, Mighty, Midgets and Special Sprites

Birkin, Peter, MG Midget, Reborn

Bristow, Grahame, Restoring Sprites & Midgets: An Enthusiast's Guide

British Motor Corparation Service Department, Workshop Manual: Sprite and Midget (AKD 4021B) ©1965

British Leyland Limited, Austin Sprite Mk IV (HAN10) Driver's Handbook (AKD 7355 4th ed) ©1970

British Leyland Limited, MG Midget MkIII (GAN5 UC) Driver's Handbook (AKD 7937) ©1971

British Leyland Motor Corparation, MG Midget MkIII (GAN5 UE) Driver's Handbook (AKD 8640 1st ed) ©1973

British Leyland Motors Inc, MG Midget MKIII (GAN6 UL) Driver's Handbook (AKD 4386) ©1978

Clausager, Anders Ditley, Sprites and Midgets: The Complete Story

Chilton's Foreign Car Repair Manual Vol II ©1972

Chilton's Repair & Tune Up Guide MG 1961 to 1979©1979

Clymer, Floyd, Sprite-MG Midget Owners Handbook of Maintenance and Repair

Glenn, Harold T., Automotive Smog Control Manual ©1968

Dymock, E., Sprites and Midgets: Collector's Guide

Hammil, Des, 1275cc A-Series High-Performance Manual

Harvey, Chris, Great Marques: M.G.

Harvey, Chris, Healey: The Handsome Brute

Hawks, Ellison, The Cassel Book of the Austin A35

Haynes, J H, BMC 'A' Series Tuning Manual 1965

Haynes, J H, MG Midget & AH Sprite: Owners Workshop Manual 1974

Haynes, J H, MG Midget & AH Sprite: Owners Workshop Manual 1982

Healey, Geoffry, More Healeys: Frogeyes, Sprites & Midgets

Horler, Terry, Original Sprite and Midget

Jacobs, Dick, An MG Experience

Lamm, Jay, How To Restore British Sports Cars

Motor Imported Car Repair Manual: 3rd Edition

McComb, F Wilson, The Story Of The MG Sports Car 1972

McComb, F Wilson, MG by McComb 1979

The M.G. Car Company Ltd, Workshop Manual: MG Midget (AKD 1775) ©1961

The M.G. Car Company Ltd, MG Midget MkII Drivers Handbook (AKD3898A) ©1964 10mb

Practical Classics & Car Restorer, On Midget and Sprite Restoration

Robson, Graham, The A-Series Engine: It's First Sixty Years

Stapleton, Daniel, The MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite High Performance Manual

Stapleton, Daniel, How to Power Tune Midget & Sprite for Road & Track

Sprinzel, John, Spritely Years

Tuning SU Carburetters, Including Full needle Charts, Speedsport Motorbooks 1970

Wade, G.R, et. al., SU Carburettor Tuning Tips & Techniques 5th Edition 1994

Vizard, David, Tuning the A-Series Engine: The Definitive Manual . . .