Restoring Sprites & Midgets: An Enthusiasts Guide

Book Info:

Clausager, Anders Ditlev, Sprites and Midgets: The Compete Story, ©1991 The Crowood Press Ltd., Ramsbury Brlborough Wiltsire SN82HR

ISBN 1 86126 653 7

At first glance the title may seem a bit pretentious. After all how could the "complete" story fit within a mere 224 pages? However, this is not a complete history, but the complete story. It does a reasonable job of doing that. While I would have liked a bit more technical detail here and there, it does a better job than Original Sprite and Midget in explaining some of the history of the low cost sports car market before and after the Spridget. In addition to its condensed history of the cars, it has a brief chapter on the history of Spridgtes in racing, one on various prototypes, some chapters on ownership, and one brief summary on restoration with a great deal of detail on the then new Healey Frogeye (a fiberglass replicar based on spridget parts and endorsed by the Healey family).

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